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Air Source Heat Pumps

They provide highly efficient heating and hot water for domestic homes. The intelligent controls regulate the heating automatically, to not only substantially reduce energy bills, but also to provide a more comfortable style of heating when compared to conventional fossil fuel such as gas and oil.

How it works

The system utilises low grade free heat from the air outside. The energy is upgraded using a sophisticated 'vapour compression cycle' to usable temperatures that heat your home and water.

Air source heat pump maintenance in East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent Air source heat pump installation in East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent

An air source heat pump installation typically consists of an outdoor heat exchanger, an indoor hot water storage cylinder, some controls and circulation pumps.

The outdoor unit looks much like a typical air conditioning system. Air source heat pumps are much lower in cost and simpler to install than an equivalent ground source heat pump systems.

Our air source heat pumps can provide heat for the following:-

  • Under floor heating
  • Standard radiators
  • Domestic hot water
  • Skirting board radiators

Energy efficient

They operate at more than 3 times the efficiency of conventional heating systems and as a result help to minimise Co2 emissions and reduce the heating costs of your property.

This type of pump works all year round even when the temperature outside is below freezing. The heat generated can also be used to heat your swimming pool.

Impartial expert advice

We are not locked in to one particular air source heat pump manufacturer and are therefore able to offer the best solution for your particular needs.

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